About us

Who are Felix and Julia?

We started as two friends working in a well-known fashion company - Yoox Net-A-Porter. But we're not Felix and Julia - we're Jeremy and Carles - Felix is Jeremy's son and Julia is Carles' daughter - it really is a family business!

We're passionate about science, art and design, and want you to see that in our creations. We're bringing you fresh designs that celebrate the achievements of women and men in science, math and technology.

So if you love to show your geeky side - Felix and Julia has the designs for you.

Maybe you'll be inspired by geometric tessellations, the sharp angles of cityscapes, or waves on the sea. 

Each collection we create is lovingly curated around a central theme which we explore in great depth, resulting in a small number of items that work either individually or together as a set. 

Don't be afraid to celebrate the scientist in you - explore our catalogue now!